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"...Stevenson had found that the secret of life lies in laughter and humility."

-Heretics (1905)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treasure Chester(ton): Forgotten Gems from the Prince of Paradox

I have made another book consisting of a collection of Chesterton writings, called Treasure Chest(erton): Forgotten Gems from the Prince of Paradox for anybody interested in reading more GKC. As the title suggests, it consists of some of Chesterton's more obscure writings I have come across, and which I wished to provide

Here is the printed version:

And here is the kindle version:

Here is the preface:

Having previously published a book containing 24 articles that G.K. Chesterton had written for the magazine The Speaker near the beginning of his career, I wished to publish another volume containing some additional pieces of his more obscure writings. While no doubt it is possible that portions of the following have been found quoted in other books and magazines (a couple of quotes I know off hand have been) in the intervening century or so since they were published, not all necessarily have been. At the very least, they are not as easy to obtain as some of Chesterton’s more well-known writings. That being the case, I wished to make them more readily available. I begin by providing various quotes of his that I have been able to locate from various pieces of his journalism, followed by some longer passages from the same. These are followed by the main body of the work, a series of six articles by Chesterton that I found very instructive and entertaining. They range from the clearly playful article “Live Furniture” to the extraordinary “The Poetic Quality of Liberalism.” Finally, I have included two of the earliest articles written by Chesterton, short book reviews which he wrote for The Academy in 1895 when he was 21, mainly because they were two of the earliest of Chesterton’s writings to appear in print (outside of the pages of The Debater).
I hope all Chestertonians may greatly benefit from this volume.
And here is the table of contents:


Shorter Quotes
Longer Passages


Humanitarianism: True and False (1903)
Live Furniture (1904)
The Poetic Quality in Liberalism (1905)
The New Humility (1906)
"Jesus" or "Christ" (1910)
An Agnostic Defeat (1912) 

Short Book Reviews  

The Ruskin Reader (1895)
Suppressed Chapters. By Robert Bridges (1895)


Madeleine Durand said...

Awesome!!! This is going on my Wish List! What is the name of the other book you had published? Next time I order from Amazon...

Mike said...


The other book is called GKC Speaks: Articles from the Speaker:


Mike said...

Trying that link again....lol


Madeleine Durand said...

Thanks! I'm saving that!

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