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Friday, November 23, 2018

Winnie the Pooh's creator and GKC

I found this *very* interesting:
Beyond the joke, the inventor of Winnie the Pooh, Alan Alexander Milne, was indeed a friend of Chesterton and a member of the Detection Club. A little influence will certainly have endured ... [Source]
I had a suspicion that such a friendship might have existed, as both GKC and AA Milne were members of JM Barrie's (of Peter Pan fame) literary cricket team the Allahakbarries.  (Speaking of which, can you imagine GKC the athlete? Heh.) Plus, I also noticed tonight that there were some letters from Milne written to Chesterton included in the G.K. Chesterton papers.  Finally, I see that (as indicated in the passage above), Milne was one of the writers to be a member of The Detection Club at the time when GKC was the president of the club.)

It is awesome to see that my suspicions were accurate, however, that GKC and AA Milne were indeed friends. (Especially since a very good friend of mine is a Winnie the Pooh fan!)


♫♪♫ Mardi said...

Haha! That is awesome! Your suspicions were correct! Now I have the part of “Winne the Pooh” theme song stuck in my head that goes “I’m short fat and proud of that.” Oh bother!

Mike said...

LOL! Wait....you got a song stuck in your head? Oh, what a shame..... ;-) Well, at least it isn't "I'm getting nothing for Christmas"...

♫♪♫ Mardi said...

Oh great the two songs have merged together in my head “I’m short fat proud of that and I’m getting nothing for Christmas cause I ain’t been nothing but bad....” Thanks Mike...thanks

Mike said...

Glad to be of service. :-)