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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Speaker Articles Index

Articles for The Speaker

Below are links to the articles and other pieces that Chesterton wrote for The Speaker. In all, I have found 112 pieces (including 12 poems and 3 letters). I believe that I have included all that he wrote for that paper, but I could have overlooked some.

I have decided to also include those which were later reprinted in books and already available online (such as in The Defendant and Twelve Types, etc.) for two reasons. First, for the sake of completeness, but also for the fact that for some of them, there are some differences between the original article, and the form it took when published in a book. (For instance, his article "St. Francis of Assisi" of December 1, 1900 has a passage not included when it was reprinted in Twelve Types.). For any such articles, after the title I include in brackets the book it was later reprinted in (sometimes with alterations, as mentioned above), if I am aware of it.

Please forgive any typos in the pieces.

Also, if you wish for these pieces as a printed book, you can go here


[Poem] "The Song of Labour" (December 17, 1892)


[Poem] "The Holy of Holies" (June 5, 1897) 


[Poem] "To Them That Mourn" (May 28, 1898)


[Poem] "To a Certain Nation" (January 7, 1899)
[Poem] "Verdict" (September 18, 1899)


"Ruskin" [The Apostle and the Wild Ducks] (April 28, 1900)
"Normandy in Black and White" (May 12, 1900)
"Prince Rupert" (May 26, 1900)
"Grant Allen" (June 23, 1900)
"Westminster Abbey" (August 4, 1900)
"Famous Frenchwomen" (August 4, 1900)
[Poem] "The Liberal Party" (August 18, 1900)
"A Poem on Early Christianity" (September 29, 1900)
[Poem] "A Speech Reported" (September 29, 1900)
Fiction  (October 13, 1900)
"A Manx Minstrel" (October 20, 1900)
[Poem] "An Election Echo" (October 20, 1900)
"How the Church Stands Today" (October 27, 1900)
"Our Reasonable Imperialist" (November 10, 1900)
"Buddha versus Buddhism" (November 17, 1900)
"Literature and Childhood" (November 24, 1900)
"St. Francis of Assisi" [Twelve Types] (December 1, 1900)
"Christmas Books for Children" (December 8, 1900)
"Puritan and Anglican" (December 15, 1900)
"William Morris and His School" [Twelve Types] (December 22, 1900)
"The Christmas Story" (December 29, 1900)


"Ad Astra" (January 5, 1901)
"Mark Rutherford" (January 12, 1901)
"The Shadowy Poet" (January 19, 1901)
"The Odyssey in Slang" (January 19, 1901)
"Woman and the Philosophers" (January 26, 1901)
"Nonsense" [The Defendant] (February 2, 1901)
"Science and Patriotism" (February 2, 1901)
"The War of the Ghosts and Gods" (February 9, 1901)
"The Philosophy of Farce" [The Defendant] (February 16, 1901)
"What We All Mean" (February 16, 1901)
"Our English Goblins" (February 23, 1901)
"The Morality of the Hat" (March 2, 1901)
"Jews Old and New" (March 2, 1901)
"A Defence of Rash Vows" [The Defendant] (March 9, 1901)
"A Denunciation of Parents" (March 9, 1901)
"A Defence of Penny Dreadfuls" [The Defendant] (March 16, 1901)
"The Literature of Death" (March 16, 1901)
"A Defence of Ugly Things" [The Defendant] (March 23, 1901)
"How Not to Do It" (March 23, 1901)
"A Defence of China Shepherdesses" [The Defendant] (March 30,1901)
"The Problem of Minor Poetry" (March 30, 1901)
"A Defence of Humility" [The Defendant] (April 13, 1901)
"A Defence of Skeletons" [The Defendant] (April 20, 1901)
"A Defence of Slang" [The Defendant] (April 27, 1901)
"A Gap in English Education" [The Defendant] (May 4, 1901)
"Mr. Robert Buchanan as a Diabolist" (May 4, 1901)
"A Defence of Planets" [The Defendant] (May 11, 1901)
"Is Shakespeare an Allegory?" (May 11, 1901)
"A Defence of Heraldry" [The Defendant] (May 18, 1901)
"Patriotism and Ethics" (May 18, 1901)
"Baby-Worship" [The Defendant] (May 25, 1901)
"The Mystery of the Sabbath" (May 25, 1901)
"A Book of War Songs" (June 1, 1901)
[Letter] "Patriotism and Ethics" (June 1, 1901)
"A Reflection on the Welsh Colliery Disaster" (June 1, 1901)
"The Truth about Popular Literature: I- It's General Character" (June 8, 1901)
"The True Traveler" (June 8, 1901)
"The Catholic Puritan" [Twelve Types] (June 15, 1901)
"The Truth about Popular Literature: II- The Value of Detective Stories" [The Defendant] (June 22, 1901)
"Henry Drummond" (June 22, 1901)
"The True Hamlet" (June 29, 1901)
"The Truth About Popular Literature: III- The Danger of Detective Stories" (July 13, 1901)
"The Truth About Popular Literature: IV- Sentimental Literature" [The Spice of Life] (July 27, 1901)
[Poem] "The Last Hero" (July 27, 1901)
"Churches Under the Microscope" (July 27, 1901)
"The Truth about Popular Literature: V- The Literature of Information [The Defendant; The Apostle and the Wild Ducks] (August 3, 1901]
"The Truth about Popular Literature: VI- Comic Papers" (August 10, 1901)
"A Scrapbook of Ideals" (August 10, 1901)
"The New Priests" (August 17, 1901)
"The Bones of a Poem" [A Handful of Authors] (August 17, 1901)
"Dreams" [Lunacy and Letters] (August 24, 1901)
"The Age of the Giants" (August 24, 1901)
"Materials" (August 31, 1901)
"Shevolution" (September 7, 1901)
"The Philosophy of First Thoughts" (September 14, 1901)
[Poem] "Lost" (September 28, 1901)
"Humiliation" (October 12, 1901)
 "The Heroines of Shakespeare" (October 26, 1901)
"Some Urgent Reforms: The Human Circulating Library" (November 2, 1901)
"Some Urgent Reforms: Playgrounds for Adults I" (November 16, 1901)
"Some Urgent Reforms: Playgrounds for Adults II" (November 30, 1901)
"Some Urgent Reforms: Missions to the Cultivated III" (December 7, 1901)
"Christmas Day" (December 21, 1901)
"A False Antithesis" (December 28, 1901)


"Sensationalism and a Cypher" (January 11, 1902)
"Sensationalism and a Cypher II" (January 25, 1902)
[Letter] "Bacon and Beastliness" (February 8, 1902)
[Letter] "Bacon and G.G.G." (February 22, 1902)
"More Gammon of Bacon" (March 15, 1902)
"A Sermon on Cheapness" (March 29, 1902)
"A Man Who Does Not Exist" (April 12,1902)
"Ecstasy and Selection" (May 3, 1902)
"Mysticism: Its Use and Abuse" (May 31, 1902)
"The Case of Mr. Pinero" (September 13, 1902)
"The Soul of Christmas" [Heretics] (December 13, 1902)


"The Great Democrat" (July 18, 1903)
"The Personality of Mr. Gladstone" (October 10, 1903)
"A Chapter in Irish Poetry" (October 31, 1903)


"A Magdalen's Husband" (March 4, 1904)
"Africa" (May 7, 1904)
"Watts" (July 9, 1904)
"Literature. Causerie of the Week: Dr. Barry's Live of Newman" [A Handful of Authors] (September 24,1904)


"Mr. William Watson's Poems" (January 14, 1905)
"Leviathan and the Hook" (September 9, 1905)


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